How to Format a Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

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Is it really important?”- one of the most common questions every interviewee asks when it comes to sending a thank you letter after a job interview. Well, YES, it is vital to post a thank you letter to your job interviewer, especially when you have sensed a positive stance on their part. It’s true that after the interview is over, it’s the interview panel and HR manager who are to decide the next step, but a thank you letter from your part can play a huge role in motivating that decision in your favor.

A hiring manager is a busy person as he has too many potential applicants before him, and it’s not possible for him to remember you after interviewing so many candidates. In such a situation, you need to take an extra step to remind him about you, and a Thank You Letter will do the job for you.

How to format a thank you letter?

2 types of letters

It’s best to send 2 thank you letters after the job interview. The first would be a handwritten note and the second would be a thank you email. My previous boss revealed to me that it was my handwritten note that made him seal the deal in my favor over a sea of other applicants. There is certainly an unmatched warmth in a handwritten note that shows you think and care for the company. The handwritten notes are no more than 3-4 lines, while the emails can be elaborate and descriptive.

Meaningful opening paragraph

The opening paragraph of your letter is a vital part and can make or break the deal for you. Start the paragraph with your note of thanks in the first line and mention the level of comfort you had in his/her presence. Pack it (don’t stuff) with heartfelt compliments to pique interest for the reader which will prompt him/her to read further. Follow this tip for both your handwritten note and thank you email.

Mention points you discussed

As mentioned earlier, your interviewer is a busy person and it’s common for him to forget you even if you had a great discussion with him. If you feel that there was a certain aspect of your discussion that impressed him, bring on that topic in the letter. This will remind him of the positive impression he had about you, potentially leading to have the decision in your favor. Your handwritten note should be brief, with the mention that you two had a hearty discussion on a certain topic. However, don’t elaborate the points there as you should leave that for the thank you email.

Mention how you would be helpful

This point is for your thank you email. You must mention how your specific experience and skills would be helpful for the particular designation you have applied for. Also, state that you are positive about being a valuable resource to the organization. The letter needs to ooze confidence on your part.

Know the timing

When it comes to your handwritten note, make sure to send it within 24 – 48 hours of the interview. The thank you email would be sent later, say, after a week. When you are sending the email, always send it during business hours. Emails sent at odd hours are unprofessional and would only attract a negative impression.

Tips for the closing paragraph

End your letter by thanking the interviewer again. Mention that you are looking forward to hearing from him/her, and you are ready to offer any additional details further, if needed. Basically, the closing paragraph would sum up the overall content of your thank you letter.

You have to maintain a direct straightforward, yet humble tone throughout the thank you letter. It’s a professional document. Hence, only use the relevant lingo and jargons; do not use any slang or casual phrases. Finally, a thank you letter does not confirm your selection but shows that you are well brought up, educated and somebody actually willing to work for the company- which certainly heightens the chances of getting the ball in your court.

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