8 Go-To Apps to Get You Through the Rest of the Semester

November 16, 2016  Houston

The last half of the fall semester means finals, projects and holiday shopping. With so much going on at once, things can start to get a little chaotic.



But the good news is there are dozens of great apps that can help make the end of the year a little easier. Here are a few of our favorites.



(iOS | Android)

This app helps track your online purchases just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. Slice uses your email accounts to save all your online purchases, confirmations and receipts, and will send you notifications when your packages arrive. No more searching through old emails to check an order’s shipping status!




Attending a Thanksgiving or holiday potluck but don’t know how to make anything other than ramen noodles? EpiCurious is ready to help you become (or at least look like) the Barefoot Contessa. The app contains thousands of recipes from famous chefs, cookbooks and other users as well as articles on health and food. You can also search for recipes that don’t include specific ingredients, in case of allergies.




(iOS | Android)

As the semester winds down, keeping track of major school and personal projects can get especially hectic. Trello makes it easier by providing the perfect way to manage any major project. Use the app to break down major goals into smaller parts and then check each one off as you go to keep track of your progress. You can also add multiple users to the same project — perfect for those important group assignments!



(iOS | Android)

Another app just in time for the holiday season, Saviry collects thousands of retail sales and coupons and lets you search through them for the best deals of the moment. You can also add filters to receive coupon notifications most relevant to you, and see which deals your friends are taking advantage of.



(iOS | Android)

Splitting a check with a friend when you go out to dinner can sometimes get complicated, but Venmo makes it easier. Link your bank account to the app, and you’ll be able to securely pay other users instantly without any extra fees. You can also request money from others through messages and receive notifications when someone pays you.




(iOS | Android)

If you’re planning a vacation over the holidays, Hopper is the perfect app to help you save money when booking a flight. Find out when flights to your intended destination will be cheapest, or select the dates of your vacation to receive advice on the best time to book.



(iOS | Android)

With so many great apps and other data stored on your phone, you’ll probably start getting that annoying low storage notification. Avoid running out of storage during the holiday break by uploading your photos on the Google Cloud through the Google Photos app. You’ll be able to save thousands of photos at great quality and instantly delete them from your phone once they’re saved.



(iOS | Android)

If you’re trying to get a head start on getting in shape for your New Year’s resolutions, Nike Training App can serve as your (free) personal trainer. Search through hundreds of workouts provided by Nike trainers and celebrity athletes on the app, and receive workout reminders so you stay on track of your fitness goals. You can also view the most popular workout plans within the Nike community.


By Priscilla Aceves, Bauer Communications. Originally published in www.WhereAwesomeHappens.com

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