As your internship comes to an end…

As your internship comes to an end… was originally published on Looksharp.

Time flies by when you’re having fun, right? It seems like just yesterday you were getting your information packet and learning all about the wonderful company that brought you in. Now you’re counting down your last days and squeezing in as much as you can.

Internships fly by, seriously, and you won’t even remember all the hard work you did towards the end. While you wrap up your last assignments and bond as much as you can with the staff and your intern friends, remember to do a few of these things too.


Plan out what you want to write in your thank you cards. Before you even ask, yes you need to write thank you cards. Not a thank you email, not a verbal thank you, but a physical card that details what you are thankful for and how much you appreciate the time and opportunity that you were given. No matter how good you are at writing cards or thinking on your feet, you need to plan out what you want to write. It’s important to express your gratitude for the internship and your thanks to your internship supervisor. You should also take this time to think about who you want to write a card to. Obviously you should write cards to your department supervisors and intern coordinators, but is there anyone who helped you out that didn’t have to? Did you work closely with anyone from other departments? I’d consider writing them cards too to show your appreciation as well. The reason you do all of this? To show you’re a team player.

Write out what tasks and responsibilities you held and what new skills you learned. The reason you want to do this before your internship comes to an end is so that you don’t forget anything. This information is what you need to add to your resumé, LinkedIn page, Looksharp profile (hint, hint), any kind of profile you have that employers can see. I suggest that you keep a running list starting at the beginning of your internship. Even if you only use a new program for one assignment, you still have experience with it and you never know when you could use it again.

If you have more time, ask for more assignments. If you’re just a BOSS and finish all your last assignments, see if your supervisor has anything else for you to do. It could be a simple task of organizing some paperwork, or writing down messages from her voicemail, or he or she might lend you out to another department. No matter how maniacal the task, do it and don’t complain. It might not be the most glamorous job in the world, but doing it will show how dedicated you are to your internship, even as it comes to an end. Let’s not forget about getting recommendations!

Take in as much as you can and treat every day like a new one. An internship is an ultimate experience. No two internships are alike, so treat each day like its your first, or your last! Take time to bond with your fellow interns, chances are you have a lot in common or having things to learn from one another! Bond with the staff, they were just like you once! Forming relationships outside, or even inside the office will change your internship experience completely. Trust me when I say this. One of my favorite internships provided an amazing experience because not only did I learn more than I had at any other internship, but the intern crew and staff were so friendly. We were not only co-workers, but friends too.

Enjoy this time and continue to work hard. Just because the end is near doesn’t mean you can slack off or ignore your responsibilities. After all, all that hard work you did was for something, end your internship on a strong note!

By Looksharp
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