How IASA Can Help Students

The Internal Audit Student Association is a professional student organization at the University of Houston. IASA’s goal is to be a valuable resource to students across the UH campus. Our organization provides students with a variety of opportunities to build connections with employers. IASA is an organization that is free to join and is open to all majors. Company representatives always emphasize the importance of getting involved in a student organization. So why IASA? Our organization aims to set a strong foundation for our members and provide a variety of career developing events such as:

Meet the Internal Auditor and Meet the Firm:

We invite companies across Houston to meet and network with our members. Our professional guests share their experiences with their company and the internal audit profession. This is the perfect opportunity for students to build their network and learn about the variety of opportunities available in the internal audit field!

Professional Development Workshops:

IASA not only gets our members connected with companies, but we also prepare our members on their skill set. We want our members to feel confident and prepared for the work field. We host workshops such as Resume ER, Mock Interviews, Excel Workshops and more!

Luncheons with the Houston IIA:

IASA is partnered with the Houston Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors. Each month, the Houston IIA invites our members to their luncheons. Members have the chance to network with internal auditors in Houston, and learn more about the internal audit profession. The IIA luncheons are free for the first ten members that sign up. We are the only student organization at the University of Houston that is given this wonderful opportunity!

Career Panels:

It is IASA’s goal to make sure their members are well informed about the variety of career avenues available. IASA hosts a career panel each semester that is open to students across the University of Houston. IASA’s most notable panel is Grill the Auditor. During Grill the Auditor, panelists from external, internal, IT, and forensic audit speak about their experiences in the profession.


Our organization wants our members to connect with each other and build friendships that last a lifetime! IASA also invites companies to our socials, so our members will have an additional networking opportunity in a relaxed setting. We host socials such as: Bowling Night, weekend lunches, board game night, and much more.

Community Service:

Our organization loves to bring students together and make a positive impact on the community. IASA enjoys volunteering at events such as Houston Food Bank, Books Between Kids and Service Nights with the Metropolitan Volunteer Program.

Getting Involved:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Internal Audit Student Association, you can apply online. Go to

If you have any questions in regards to getting involved with IASA, feel free to reach out to

By Mandy Williams
Mandy Williams President