RCC Career Project Scholarship for Undergraduates due 4/7/2017

RCC Career Project Scholarship – Due Date: April 7, 2017

Purpose of the Career Project

  • Better prepare students for the job market by teaching research, evaluation, and decision making skills.
  • Focus goals and develop an understanding of chosen industry.

Parts of the Project

  1. Career goals (both long and short term) and plans for reaching them (No more than 1 Page)
  2. A Character Sketch composition (No more than 600 words)
  3. A summary of an interview with someone who holds the type of job you will seek (No more than 2 Pages)
  1. Career Goals

  • Immediate and ultimate career objectives.
  • Job and educational experiences will you seek out to achieve your goals
  • Backup plan?
  • Not yet identified a job or career goal?
    • Outline the general characteristics of the type of job or career desired. Present a specific plan for deciding.
  • Resources for Research
    • CareerLeader; Bauer Career Gateway; Wetfeet; Vault; Hoovers, etc.
  1. Character sketch

  • Identify a few carefully-chosen characteristics you most want to represent to prospective employers.
  • Present clear and concise evidence of those characteristics in action.
  • Relate experiences using STAR – Situation or Task, Action, & Result
  1. Interview someone in your goal job.

  • Interview someone who holds the type of position that you will seek upon graduation.
  • In closing, ask them for any advice on how you can better prepare yourself for promotion or for a career change.
  • Write a summary of the interview.

Award and Eligibility Information

2 students will be award a $500.00 scholarship each.

Students must be Undergraduate Bauer College of Business Majors (including Pre-Business Majors) in Good Academic Standing and graduating in December 2017 or after.

Scholarship funded by a benefactor of the Rockwell Career Center concerned with Undergraduate Career Development.

Due Date to submit materials is April 7, 2017.

Click Here to Complete the Application and Submit your Materials

By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling