13 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Accept a Job

Originally published by CreativeCultivate.com.

The New York Times published a piece titled “13 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Married.” And since a job is a marriage of sorts, we started thinking about 13 questions you should really ask yourself before accepting a job. We aren’t talking first jobs, but CAREER makers. The kind you stick with for the long-haul, through thick, through thin, through sickness and in health; marriage material kind of jobs. It’s a mistake to accept a position with the intention of leaving.

In the same way that hiring mistakes can be very costly, the same can be said for accepting the wrong offer. If the position is not the right fit, you are going to end up on job boards and sending out resumes all over again. While landing a job is tough, accepting the wrong position can be detrimental to your career. We’re thinking long distance, not sprints.

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By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling Troy Hopkins