Congrats Serena on your full-time offer with Target!

Serena, congratulations on your new job with Target!

When asked Serena what she did to get her job offer:

“The first thing I did was get involved with a student organization. Because of my involvement with Enactus, I was able to become much more familiar with the recruiters for Target, and when it came time to talk to them at the Bauer Career Fair, the conversation about opportunities that I might have flowed very naturally because I was speaking with someone that I was already familiar with. During my internship with the company, I got the opportunity to meet and network with other employees, which led to the upper managers getting to know me and the quality of work I bring to the table. At the end of my internship, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position as an Executive Team Leader, and happily accepted because I already knew the company’s culture and loved it!”

If you’re interested in a job like Serena’s her best piece of advice is this:

“Continue to put yourself out there with the teams that you’re working with, the customers, and the different managers you will encounter. There’s always something to learn from every interaction.”

Congratulations again Serena, best of luck at Target!

If you want to congratulate her yourself, reach out to her on her LinkedIn

By Michael Fulfs
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