Congrats Sara on your internship with OXY!

Sara, congratulations on your internship with OXY!

We asked Sara what she did to get her internship:

“I applied online at their website and was approached by a recruiter who then invited me for an interview. A day later, I got the job! It all happened amazingly fast, four days total. I am looking forward to working closely with other interns and developing relationships with my team this summer. I am thrilled to use my skillset to bring value to OXY and the HR team.”

What is Sara’s best piece of advice?

“My number one piece of advice is to get involved on campus. Opportunity is everywhere, and the best way to bring visibility to yourself is through an organization. Work hard and show leadership and the rest will come. Apply yourself and always be willing to go the extra mile.”

Congratulations again Sara!

If you want to congratulate her yourself, reach out to her on her LinkedIn

By Michael Fulfs
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