Congrats Bruno on your internship with Halliburton!

Bruno, congratulations on your internship with Halliburton!

What did you do to get your internship?

“The process took about a month and a half. I applied through Bauer gateway online, then about a week later I was invited for an interview. The interview was relaxed and I felt confident. It was mainly behavioral questions but we also discussed disruptive technologies that are emerging. About 3-4 weeks after the interview I received a call with an offer to intern with Halliburton over the summer. I’m can’t wait to get started this summer. I’m excited to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in the classroom to the real world.”


What would be your best piece of advice to students looking for jobs?

“Apply, apply, apply!”

Congratulations again, Bruno. Best of luck with Halliburton this summer!

If you would like to congratulate Bruno yourself, shoot him a message on his LinkedIn

By Michael Fulfs
Michael Fulfs