Congrats Calah on your Internship with S&P Global Platts!

Congrats Calah, on your internship with S&P Global Platts!

Can you walk us through the steps you took to get this internship?

I applied on Bauer Gateway by submitting my resume and shortly after I received an email for a phone interview. I prepared for this by studying my resume and google searching common interview question. During the phone interview I was asked mostly about my involvement with my student organization and my part time job. Many of these questions came from my resume.
As for the in-person interview, I prepared by searching situational/behavioral interview questions and practiced my answers in the STAR format. I learned this in GenB and it was a very helpful tool.
A few days after the second interview I was offered the job and received my offer letter a few days after that!

If someone wants an internship like yours, what advice would you give them?

Be persistent & patient when applying and be well prepared because you never know when a recruiter may call you!

Congrats again, Calah!

If you want to congratulate her yourself, reach out to her on LinkedIn!

By Michael Fulfs
Michael Fulfs