You’ve Started a New Job… Now What?

Gabi Bourn

by Gabi Bourn

Production Manager at Wunderman


You’ve worked hard, finished school, and got a fancy new job – congrats! But, now what? Your professors and advisors prepared you for interviewing and helped you update your resume, but now that you have the job, new questions arise. Here’s a quick list of what to do during your first months on the job!

Pay Attention to Those First Day Emails

In the first few days at a new job, you will get many emails and be overwhelmed with things to do, but it is important to take notice of a few particularly important emails. Here’s what is classified as important:

Emails from HR – Pay special attention to emails about signing up for your 401k and benefits. You usually won’t have much time to sign up for benefits, so you definitely need to make special note of any dates and deadlines.

Emails from your manager – Promptly responding to any emails from your new manager will go far in making a good first impression.

Update Resume & Achievements List 

It may surprise you, but you already need to update your resume again. While the job description is easily accessible, use that information to add the role and its duties to your resume.

You should also start a list of achievements that you update each month. Usually, companies have annual appraisals, and it can be difficult to remember all the things you have learned and accomplished after a year has passed. Keep a list so you will be prepared for your next review.

Keep Learning

Just because you graduated doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Start establishing habits of a life-long learner. Maybe you could learn a language, take a class to learn a hew hobby, or become certified in a programming language. Set goals and try to provide direction for yourself. Now is the time to start establishing good habits.


Other than learning your job responsibilities, one of the most important aspects of starting a new job is getting to know your co-workers. Do your best to remember names and learn more about the people you work with. These people will likely become valuable resources for you and maybe even your friends. Ask someone to lunch, get involved in office team building activities, and look for ways to meet more people. Try to meet people on your team and on other teams.

Remember to also meet people outside of the organization. Get involved in volunteer activities or with your college alumni organization. Work to constantly expand your network to build lasting relationships with many people.

Have Fun

You have a new job with new stress and challenges, but remember, you have a job! You did it! You graduated, interviewed well, and got the job. You may have some challenging days ahead of you, but remember all the successes that have led you to this new career. Remember to be excited each day as you work and live out your dreams!

Originally published on LinkedIn, republished with permission.

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