Congrats Sara on your internship with Cardinal Health!

Congrats Sara, on your internship with Cardinal Health!

Can you walk us through the steps you took to get this internship?

My goal in college was to secure an internship every summer. I wanted the opportunity to seek growth out of Houston this year, since I was born and raised here. I was heavily recruiting and at the time Alumni Relations officer of Bauer Sourcing Procurement Organization. I knew a couple of Alumni that had worked with Cardinal Health that have always given me positive feedback about the company. I made it a goal to apply to 10 companies on LinkedIn every day and Cardinal Health had posted one day. A recruiter reached out to me and had a phone interview with me. Then, Cardinal Health flew me out to their Headquarters in Dublin, Ohio for the final interview. When I had finished my interview I had a great feeling because I genuinely connected with the people and felt this was the company for me. When my plane landed in Houston I had received an offer. Through this process, I stayed confident and believed in myself that anything I wanted to do I could achieve. When I landed in Ohio I knew it was game time!

If someone wants an internship like yours, what advice would you give them?

One thing I would highly recommend is to get INVOLVED. Simply joining an organization is the first step to your success. I joined Bauer SPO my sophomore year and it has given me a tremendous amount of opportunities. I wouldn’t say just join the organization, but what you make of it. People make excuses that they don’t have the time to get involved. This is your future, make the time now so you can thrive later on! I got this opportunity because I networked with my peers and alumni within my organization.

Congrats again, Sara!

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By Michael Fulfs
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