Congratulations Rachel on your full-time offer with Chubb!

Congrats Rachel, on your full-time offer with Chubb Global Casualty!

Can you walk us through the steps you took to get this job?

I knew I wanted to work within the Risk Management and Insurance industry, but I didn’t know what role would fit best with my work style, so I looked to my professor for advice. He suggested Underwriting positions, and that’s when I noticed Chubb was looking to hire. Chubb was actually one of the larger companies that we’ve always talked about in class, so it almost didn’t feel real every time I got called back to another interview round. I interviewed with several companies, and skipped my Spring Break to make the time for it, but Chubb was always my number one choice and I couldn’t be happier I received an offer.

If someone wants a job like yours, what advice would you give them?

My professor played a huge role in my decision to pursue a career path in Risk Management and Insurance. It’s okay to ask for help if you feel lost or you’re not sure which path is right for you.

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By Michael Fulfs
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