Risk Management and Insurance Track in Finance

The Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) Track in Finance gives students the essential skills they need for managing a business: the ability to identify possible risks and find the best strategy to manage them. The program provides foundational business skills for students on a wide range of career paths. Students of the RMI Track in Finance are finance majors who take a series of pre-selected risk management and insurance finance courses in their junior and senior years. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a BBA in Finance with a certificate in Risk Management & Insurance.

A 3.00 UH GPA is required to file for the Risk Management & Insurance Track. Successful completion of:

• FINA 4320: Investment Management
• FINA 4330: Corporate Finance
• FINA 4354: Risk Management
• FINA 4357: Commercial Liability

Select nine semester hours (3 classes) from the following options:
• FINA 4329: Life Insurance and Annuities
• FINA 4355: International Risk Management
• FINA 4356: Insurance Operations
• FINA 4358: Commercial Property
• FINA 4359: Energy Insurance and Risk Management
• FINA 4397: Risk Financing
• FINA 4397: Enterprise Risk Management
• or other approved risk-related finance courses (see advisor)

Claims Analysis
Risk Management
Actuarial Science
Loss Control
Corporate Finance

Greenhill Insurance Services

• Complete an internship with an insurance agency.
• Talk to professionals in the industry to learn more about claims, underwriting, and risk management. Many entry-level positions exist in these areas.
• Initiative and sales ability are necessary to be a successful agent or broker.
• Develop strong communication skills, as many positions require interaction with others and the ability to explain information clearly and concisely.
• Take additional statistics classes to prepare for a career in actuary science. Prepare to take the

By Amanda Ware
Amanda Ware Career Development Specialist Amanda Ware