What is a Purchasing Agent?

BY ALISON DOYLE, Updated September 10, 2019

Are in you interested in business operations and process? Do you also enjoy shopping and comparing prices? If so, you might enjoy the world of purchasing. Any business that depends upon smart purchases for equipment, inventory, and even contracted services must invest in a good team of purchasing professionals.

Some purchasing agents are required to stay on top of equipment depreciation and make the necessary upgrades on time and within a budget. Other purchasing agents work as full operations managers that oversee all purchasing decisions as part of their supply chain management duties.

In most industries, purchasing requires people that can weigh options, work against fast deadlines, and multitask calendars for product launches and budgets.
As business and manufacturing continue to modernize themselves using productivity software and outsourcing agents, purchasing decisions must be made quickly to both meet customer demand and maintain product/service quality.

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By Hayden Duplechain
Hayden Duplechain Career Development Specialist