MIS Résumé Tips

Make it Technical

While employers are looking for soft skills like teamwork and communication, they are hiring MIS majors for their technical abilities. Make sure you include your technical skills in the skills section on your résumé. It is even better if you can include how you have used those technical skills in the experience and academic project sections.

What if I don’t have any real-world experience using my technical skills?

Make sure you include an academic projects section on your résumé that highlights how you have used technology in your courses. Your project in Project Management is a great project to put on your résumé. Not only can you show your technical knowledge, but your soft skills can be highlighted as well. Small projects can also be put in this section such as using SQL in the Database course.


IT Consulting Project for Non-Profit Organization, Fall 2017

  • Analyzed and identified the best hardware and software for an updated check-in system to maximize productivity
  • Negotiated prices with software vendor in order to receive a 20% reduction in annual software costs

Can I put technical projects and skills that I do at home on my résumé?

Yes, anything you have taught yourself or worked on at home can be added to your résumé. Employers love to see that you continue to improve your technical skills outside the classroom. There are a lot of free online coding courses that you can take to beef up your technical skills on your résumé.

What else do employers look for besides technical abilities?

Employers are looking for the whole package. GPA, leadership, soft skills, technical skills, and experience are all taken into consideration when choosing candidates for interviews. Make sure you are keeping up with your courses and staying active on campus. Student organizations like MISSO are a great way to build up your leadership skills and meet prospective employers.

By Amanda Ware
Amanda Ware Career Development Specialist Amanda Ware