Where Do HR Managers Make the Most Money?

By HR Daily Advisor Editorial Staff | Dec 4, 2019

As an HR manager, you are probably keenly aware of competitive salary rates for your employees. But what about your salary? Where are the best jobs in HR, and which ones pay the most? A recent analysis sought to answer these questions.

The analysis—called Where Are HR Managers Making the Most?—was recently released by Simply Hired Blog and is based on statistics gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Total Number of HR Roles Increasing Quickly; Pay Rate Lagging

The analysis found that there are more HR professionals each year, with 2018’s HR professionals totaling 671,140 in the United States. Compare that figure to only 471,340 HR professionals in 2012. Year over year, the profession grows by an average of 6%. Salaries of HR professionals have grown by an average of 2% between 2013 and 2018, which is somewhat less than the national average of 2.6% wage growth.

This graphic contains more data:

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By Hayden Duplechain
Hayden Duplechain Career Development Specialist Hayden Duplechain