How to Use LinkedIn’s Alumni Tool for Networking

by Jane Hurst at | December 16, 2019

It’s widely known that LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that can help you broaden your contact list, set up informational interviews, search for job openings, and apply for new positions. But within LinkedIn, there’s a specific tool that’s not well known, and so many people aren’t taking advantage of it. It’s called the alumni tool, and it can help you find alumni from schools you graduate from—and then help you build your network. Here are six tips for using LinkedIn’s alumni tool for networking.

1. Update your profile.

First, you want to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and your information is correct. One way to tackle this step is to print out a copy of your updated resume and make sure it lines up with your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your contact information is correct and that your links to your social media pages go where they’re supposed to. If your resume hasn’t been updated in a while, using an online resume builder can be a good place to start to ensure your resume and account are professional looking and in sync.

2. Get started.

Using the alumni tool on LinkedIn is a simple procedure. You need to first hover over “My Network” and then select “Find Alumni” on the list that appears. You’ll find six filters you can use to sort through alumni from your school. These six filters include major, company, job function, geographic location, connections, and LinkedIn skills. With this information, you have the power to build a solid network.

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By Hire Bauer
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