4 In-Demand Skills You Can Learn Online

Bauer students are always told to strive for growth in all of their activities, and here is a great way to grow in a way that companies find incredibly attractive! During this time at home, here are 4 skills you can learn online!

1. Coding

Even if you are not aiming to become a full-time programmer, having a fundamental knowledge of coding is a major asset.

Whether you’re launching an app, working on AI, optimizing a site for search, creating content, etc., basic coding skills can go a long way.

You can get started through Codeacademy, which is great for both beginners and coders looking to learn more and improve.

2. Advanced Excel Skills

Spreadsheets are a staple of any business process, and learning how to use formulas and other features to organize and process data in Excel can help save tons of time.

You can learn advanced Excel skills through Data Monkey.

3. Photoshop

Knowing how to edit images can let you do things from making memes to designing graphics for websites, brand logos, and marketing materials.

Adobe offers its expert tutorials that are more than enough for introducing Photoshop fundamentals to beginners, as well as advanced courses for experienced Photoshop users.

4. Project Management

Management skills which can help you apply leadership in an organized and productive manner.

Being able to manage every aspect of a project to completion is challenging — you must know how to keep everyone organized, productive, engaged and motivated.

Try a project management course from Edx.

Looking to learn more skills than just those 4? Check out 10 other great skills at Inc.com

By Michael Fulfs
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