Looking for Full Time Work? Upcoming Bauer Grad or Recent Alum? Check out GradReach

GradReach is currently building hundreds of new profiles on local (Dallas and Houston) medium-sized employers for grads and near-grads to research.

Misson: Improve the local job market for recent college graduates in Texas by focusing on where most local jobs exist: medium-sized employers. We teach grads about these employers, and we partner with these employers to increase the number of jobs made available to grads.

Why you should consider GradReach.

  • GradReach focuses on employers that do not engage in traditional campus recruiting so they are tapping into a job market not already covered by the Career Centers on campus.
  • GradReach texts and emails out new candidate profiles as they finish them, based on each student/grads’ preferences they set in the system. They want to get to a point where we are sending out new profiles DAILY!
  • The goal is to spread hope that the job market will recover, and when it does, that these companies will be hiring.
  • You can always view our newest profiles by clicking on the logos at the bottom of our homepage, http://www.gradreach.com. Our entire library is accessible to grads when logged in to our website.
  • Types of positions: Accounting/Finance | Administrative | Business Development/Sales | Customer/Client Service | Engineering | Graphic Design | Human Resources | IT Software Development | IT Technical Support | IT Network Management | Marketing/Social Media | Supply Chain

Don’t wait until graduation. Get Started NOW. 

You qualify if you have earned a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree within the past 5 years OR are a current student graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in the next 18 months.

Now interviewing grads and near-grads like crazy through our new “Virtual” interview process.  The goal is to help as many as possible, as quickly as possible, once employers start hiring in larger numbers again. Thus, GradReach interviews ARE continuing!

Visit GradReach.com now to get started.

By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling Troy Hopkins