Resources For When You’re “In Between” Jobs (Or Can’t Find Your First One)

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The COVID-19 crisis has caused confusion and worry for many, especially those in the class of 2020. In a recent survey we sent out to graduating seniors, only 10% of students were confident in their ability to find a job—an 80% drop from before the pandemic.

Even with these fears, some great opportunities are still out there for students and recent grads to take advantage of while they have the time. WayUp has assembled a list of these opportunities, which range from paid tutoring gigs to educational resources that can help you get the job of your dreams.

If you hear of a program you think is great for students and isn’t listed here, please reach out so we can include it!

Paid Tutoring Gigs

Chegg Tutors

Pays: $20/hour+

Becoming a tutor is a great way to make extra money, with skilled tutors earning more than $1,000/month. You can find out more and apply to be a Chegg Tutor at the link above.

Pays: $12/hour+ has been connecting students with tutors for over 20 years. Tutoring can be done remotely and pay depends on the subject. You can find out more and apply at the link above.

Varsity Tutors

Pays: As much as $1,000/month

Varsity Tutors is looking for online tutors across all academic subjects. Tutors who take advantage of their “Instant Tutoring” option have earned more than $1,000/month. You can find tutoring positions they’re actively hiring for on their WayUp profile.

Pays: Set your own rate is the world’s largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care. Among those care services is tutoring. You can find families and students seeking tutors by signing up for through their WayUp profile.

Skills Development


Cost: 7-day free trial, then $25/month

If you’re looking to learn anything in programming, Treehouse has a massive collection of tech tutorials on everything from mobile apps to SQL. Courses can be 50+ hours, go deep into each subject, and you can try it for free. See the tracks they offer and learn more at the link above.


Cost: Promotion of $9.99 per course in May

Udemy is our go-to for a wide range of courses on everything from business management to financial analysis to digital marketing. Every course is reviewed to make it easy to pick the best value options. Explore the course catalog at the link above.


Cost: Free, with additional courses and development paths available for $19/month

Codecademy is a great resource to learn how to code and is even greater for students, with 25 courses offered for free and only $19 per month for the full product. Their career paths, from Web Development to Machine Learning, can be explored at the link above.


Cost: Free to demo, and $25/month for the basic package

DataCamp is hyper-focused on data science and analytics, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in those fields. Learn the basics for free and get more in-depth with student-friendly pricing of $25/month. Check out their course catalog at the link above.

Job Training and Online Degrees

SV Academy

Cost: Free

If you’re exploring opportunities in sales, SV Academy is a great place to start. It’s an intensive 1-month (or 3-month, part-time) online bootcamp that trains you for a career in tech sales. Students have to be accepted, but don’t have to pay to take the program. We also partner with them so you can apply right on WayUp.


Cost: Courses start at $4,950, with pay-nothing-up-front plans available

If you are looking to get training on a level that allows you to walk into an engineering or other technical job, Thinkful (also a Chegg service) is a great place to look. With intensive immersion courses available from engineering to digital marketing and product management, Thinkful has a great track record with 86% of engineering graduates getting hired. You can explore their catalog and pricing at the link above.


Cost: Auditing courses is free; certifications can range from $29 to $99 per course; $399/year for unlimited courses; degree costs vary

Coursera is a go-to for online degree offerings that run the gamut from humanities to computer science. Although their online degrees can cost upwards of $25,000, their online courses are much more reasonably priced and can mostly be audited for free. If you’re looking for a range of options to prepare you for any number of jobs, both technical and non-technical, Coursera is a great choice.

Lambda School

Cost: Pay tuition of $30,000 either up front, or when you get hired

Lambda School has received a ton of attention in recent years due to its free-up-front job training program. Although right now their curriculum is limited to software engineering and data science, if you’re interested in one of those fields, their 9-month program might be a good fit for you. Find out more at the link above.

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