Can I go into Software Development with a MIS degree?

While people usually think of software development as a field for those who majored in computer science or computer engineering, it is possible to land a developer position with a management information systems (MIS) degree. Typically, companies look for candidates who majored in a technical area and have programming skills.

If you want to go into software development with an MIS degree, I strongly encourage you to learn more programming languages outside of the MIS coursework. There are multiple free programming courses available online.  I have had students recommend Codecademy, Udemy, and Coursera. Skillcrush also provided a blog earlier this year with over 80 ways to learn to code for free.

You will also want to gain experience in software development. A great way to do this is with an internship. Keep in mind that most employers recruit for summer interns during the previous fall semester. You can also work on coding projects at home and participate in hackathons to show employers your experience with programming.  Relevant experience will help you stand out when applying to entry-level positions in this field.

By Amanda Ware
Amanda Ware Career Development Specialist