Cloud Computing Certifications

Jobs working with the cloud are in demand because more and more companies are switching over from traditional servers to the cloud. According to Indeed, Cloud Engineering job postings increased by 107% between 2016 and 2019 here in the United States. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud service providers on the market. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are other top cloud service providers. Getting certified in one or all could increase your chances of landing a job in cloud computing and may even get you a higher salary. Learn more about these certifications below. AWS Certification AWC has multiple certifications available. The Solutions Architect Associate and Cloud Practitioner are entry-level certifications that are a good place to start.  Learn more about AWS certifications on their website. Interested in taking some free AWS courses from Udemy?

  1. Amazon Web Services – Learning and Implementing AWS Solution
  2. AWS Concepts
  3. Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS): The complete introduction
  4. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Zero to Hero

Azure Certification There are now 12 Microsoft Azure certifications that are all role-based.  The Azure Fundamentals is the most basic one. Learn more about Microsoft Azure certifications on their website. Interested in taking some free Azure courses from Microsoft and Udemy?

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Getting started with Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure
  3. Microsoft Azure Concepts
  4. Learning Microsoft Azure Step by Step

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Google provides 7 different certifications for its Google Cloud Platform. The first certification is Associate Cloud Engineer. Learn more about GCP certifications on Google’s website. Interested in taking some free Google Cloud Platform courses from Udemy?

  1. GCP – Google Cloud Platform Concepts
  2. Google Cloud Concepts
  3. Google Cloud Fundamentals 101 : A quick guide to learn GCP

Update: rated the 10 Best Cloud Computing Bootcamps Online (and also included some free resources as well). 

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