Insurance Underwriter


Insurance underwriters evaluate the risk their company would be taking on if insuring an individual or business. They decide if their company should insure an individual or business and if so, what the terms would be. There are multiple areas for insurance underwriters to work in, but the main areas include Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, and Property/Casualty Insurance.

Underwriters work for insurance companies, in an office setting, with typical 40-hour workweeks. Depending on the workload, some overtime might be required which could include evening and weekend hours.

Insurance underwriters need to be analytical thinkers as their main job is analyzing risk. Underwriters also need to be comfortable with technology since underwriters use computer software to complete their risk assessments and set insurance rates.

Typically, a bachelor’s degree is required to enter this area. The BBA in Finance Risk Management and Insurance Track is a great fit for someone who wants to work as an insurance underwriter.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, insurance underwriters make an average of $70,020 per year. estimates a range of $37,000 to $87,000 depending on years of experience, location, and the company.

There are certifications an underwriter can earn to make themselves more marketable to employers and advance in their career.  Below are some of the many certifications that are available.

  1. Life Insurance: Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
  2. Personal Insurance: Associate in Personal Insurance (API), 12-18 months to complete
  3. Business Policies: Associate in Commercial Underwriting (AU), 9-15 months to complete
  4. Property/Casualty: Charter Property/Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), 2-3 years to complete



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By Amanda Ware
Amanda Ware Career Development Specialist