Preparing to Become an Investment Banking Analyst

Interested in becoming an investment banker? While investment banking is an exciting and rewarding career, it is also a very competitive field to go into.  You need to start preparing as early as possible.


Investment banking (IB) analyst typically hold a bachelor’s degree in business, commonly majoring in Finance or Accounting. They also consider candidates who majored in economics, mathematics, engineering, and computer science.  The Finance program here at Bauer offers multiple courses in investments including FINA 4320 Investment Management, FINA 4323 Investment & Mutual Fund Management, and FINA 4326 Private Equity and Investment Banking.


You will want to get at least one relevant internship, but the more the better. Since investment banking recruiting is competitive, you will want to stand out with relevant experience. Internships are a great way to do this.  Many firms will also offer full time offers to their top interns.

Application Timeline

Many investment banks recruit early. Ideally you will want to start the networking and internship recruiting process your freshmen year. Large banks in the United Starts usually recruit for junior year internships a year or more in advance. Since you will want your resume to be impressive, you will be busy your freshmen and sophomore year.

Preparing for Recruiting

  • GPA is important. Make sure you do well in all your classes the first 2 years of college.
  • Networking is a must. Reach out to alumni in the field. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with alumni.
  • Join a student organization. The Investment Banking Scholars Club (IBSC) here at Bauer is an excellent way to learn more about the field, prepare for your interviews, and network with alumni. You can also run for an officer position to gain leadership experience. Learn more about IBSC on their website.
  • Learn the technical skills needed in IB. This includes accounting, valuation, and financial modeling.
  • Prepare for the interviews. IB interviews are not just behavioral. They also ask finance questions. You will need to prepare for fit, behavioral, and technical questions.
By Amanda Ware
Amanda Ware Career Development Specialist Amanda Ware