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HTTP Status Codes: why are they important for Search Engines?

HTTP status codes are an important part of web development, communicating the status of a request to both humans and machines. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most common HTTP status codes important for SEO and what …

By Arsen Misakyan
Arsen Misakyan Founder
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Popular Video Interview Questions: How to Prep for Success

As COVID-19 continues to limit physical interactions and travel, many job searches and hiring processes have moved onlineeverything from networking mixers to virtual career fairs to video interviewing.

With so much going digital, how confident are you in your …

By Jessica Newman
Jessica Newman Recruitment Strategist
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7 Strategies to Get a Well-paid Job After College

Years of study, all-nighters, assignments, and exams are what gets you a college degree. Hard work and success at college are important. But it’s equally important to have an eye on the future as well. This becomes vital toward the …

By Jessy Lee
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How Writing Skills Benefit Your Career

In a technologically driven world, many students no longer see writing as a relevant skill to their career path. This mistaken view, unfortunately, leaves students who fail to take writing seriously in college at a disadvantage after graduation.

Are Writing …

By Jordan Conrad
Jordan Conrad Founder and Publisher
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5 Steps to Get Your Certified Public Accountant License After Graduation

by Shaun Conrad, CPA; Founder and Publisher, 

There are many different career opportunities for accounting majors, but none are quite as versatile as becoming a certified public accountant. CPAs work in public accounting, private industry, and not-for-profit organizations as advisors, …

By Shaun Conrad, CPA
Shaun Conrad, CPA CEO
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AMA Houston Gives Back Scholarship

By Fabiola Martinez
Fabiola Martinez
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Good Reason For Career Change: Your Job Feels Like An Old Shoe

I’ve got a pair of sneakers that I can’t bear to throw out. They’ve got holes and they’re worn, but they are SO comfortable. Problem is… they’re not good for my feet and they’re subject to wearing out at any …

By Joe Bushby
Joe Bushby
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3 Ways to Develop Your Career Skills Through Travel in College

Are you planning a trip away? You might be surprised to know that a vacation can actually help you develop your professional skills while in college. An adventure will help you develop skills that you will be able to take …

By Amy P
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How to answer the 3 most difficult interview questions

Securing that all important interview is only half of the battle. The other (albeit more important) part is getting through it and successfully answering all the questions a recruiter might ask. But no matter how much you prep for those …

By Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose Digital Marketer and Blogger
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How IASA Can Help Students

The Internal Audit Student Association is a professional student organization at the University of Houston. IASA’s goal is to be a valuable resource to students across the UH campus. Our organization provides students with a variety of opportunities to build …

By Mandy Williams
Mandy Williams President
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