What You Should Realistically Do When You Make a Mistake on Your Application

Erasing mistake

You spelled the hiring manager’s name wrong on your cover letter. There’s a weird formatting issue on your interview assignment. You sent an older version of your resume that included blah, blah, blah under one of the titles.

Is …

By The Daily Muse
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Advice from an Amazon hiring manager on how to wrap up an internship

In most cases, interns who have landed an internship with a great company have already been identified as top contender to fill an open job position. But there’s an art to standing out from the rest of the …
By Kelly Collins
Kelly Collins Senior Director of Graduate and Alumni Career Services Kelly Collins
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8 Things to Do on Your First Day at a New Job

First Day at a New Job

Posted by  from Glass Door

The first day of a new job presents a chance to make a good impression on the people you’ll (hopefully) be working with for years to come. Of course, you’ll want to ask …

By Lori Osborn
Lori Osborn Career Development Specialist Lori Osborn
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The Best Question to Ask Your Boss Whenever You’re Assigned a New Project

new project

When I started at my current role, my manager told me, “The first time you do this task, it’ll take an hour. But once you do it several more times, it should only take you about 15 minutes.”

And she …

By The Daily Muse
The Muse
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How to Answer: Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake


Although no one likes talking about their mistakes, being able to discuss your past mistakes in a job interview can actually be a great way of impressing the interviewer. So when you encounter a question like, “Tell me about a …

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