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MBA/MS Career Exploration & Assessment

Some entering the Bauer MBA/MS programs will have a very clear idea of where you want your career to go post-graduation and will quickly be on a path to achieve your goals.  Others may need to spend more time exploring to better understand how your interests, skill sets and past experiences align in a post- MBA/MS career.

Deciding what field, industry, and vocation to pursue can be daunting. The Rockwell Career Center has assessments and resources that can help with this decision.


Featured Resources


An interactive resume review tool that gives detailed feedback on your resume by comparing it to thousands of other resumes …

VMock Career Fit
When you have decided what career path to pursue, the next step is to take the experience you have had …
CareerLeader’s data-driven insights help business students and rising executives make better career choices and decisions. The assessment explores a self-evaluation …
MBA Rotational Programs and Internships

Companies that offer MBA internships and rotational programs






Advanced Micro Devices: …