Kelly S. Mathews


Kelly S Mathews LLC (KSMLLC) specializes in providing volume-based U.S. state and federal motor fuels tax compliance, consulting, and software implementation services to clients in the oil and gas industry. Our commitment to this specialty area for over 15 years provides a depth of knowledge in the motor fuels tax area not typically found in other accounting, law, or consulting firms.

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Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Kelly S Mathews LLC to provide oil and gas industry clients with highly specialized services in the area of motor fuels taxation by sharing our depth of experience and technical expertise. Our firm’s culture of respect and appreciation promotes a workplace where employees feel accomplished, supported, and empowered to use their gifts and talents. This environment, in turn, fosters a professional, approachable, and collaborative team that delivers thorough, understandable answers to client questions and needs. (With an exclamation point.)