Resources for Business Minors

Bauer Minors do not have access to Bauer Career Gateway, Bauer events, or career counseling services at the Rockwell Career Center. Bauer minors should contact University Career Services for assistance with their career development needs. In addition, here are some resources available to these students. 

Bauer Minors

New Business and Interdisciplinary Minors
Management Minor

Career Research

Online Tools

  • Federal website to research careers/job titles:
  • Find alternative job titles and job descriptions as well as salaries:
  • VMock – CareerFit Module (tentative) 

Company Research

Online Tools

Résumés, Cover Letters and Thank You Email Sample

Coog Careers Workbook
Resume Overview
Resume Worksheet
Cover Letter Template
Cover Letter Worksheet


In person:


Asking for advice rather than a job (Informational Interviewing)


  • Self Assessment: Why are you interested in learning more?
  • What values, skills, and interests led you to this point?
  • What interests you the most about this career?
  • Type out your questions in advance
  • Bring your questions and a notepad
  • Make sure you mind the time on the day of the meeting. If the professional would like to continue the conversation, that is fine however, make sure he/she initiates this


  • Find professionals via LinkedIn, in-person networking groups and through personal referrals
  • Ask for 15-20 minutes of their time
  • Explain that you are interested in learning about his/her career path
  • If you aren’t sure of the career path but are interested in the industry and the possibilities available, this is a good way to find out more
  • Do NOT ask for a job in the initial email or first meeting

Day of

  • Dress professionally
  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • Bring a copy of your résumé but only present if asked
  • Offer to pay for the meeting if it is coffee or a meal
  • Thank the interviewer
  • Ask for a business card
  • Ask if he/she knows anyone else you can talk to


  • Send a professionally written email thanking the professional within 24 hours of your meeting
  • Self reflect-Is this the career for you? Are there questions that you wish you would have asked? If so, write them down for the next time
  • Keep the professional in the loop as far as your progress goes
  • Follow-up occasionally when appropriate, for example, if you have something in common and you see an article that makes you think of this person.

Job Search

Useful Links


  • The Star Interviewing Technique: Behavioral Based Interviewing
  • S: Situation-What was going on?
  • T: Task-What did you need to do?
  • A: Action-What exactly did YOU do? Tell a very brief story/give a specific example.
  • R: Result-What was the result?

Your story should be 1 minute or less. The listener should be able to picture your example. Please see worksheet: Behavioral Interviewing Grid

Interview Stream


Online Tools