Service Learning at Bauer

One of the most rewarding ways for Bauer students to Get Involved at the University of Houston is through Service Learning opportunities. Service learning combines the goals of the educational programs here at Bauer with service in the community in Houston and around the world.   Need more reasons to make service learning part of your college experience?

  • You can make a difference, and contribute to things you care about.

  • Service work may help you find a career path and explore new interests.

  • Service provides opportunities to work with diverse populations and meet other students and members of your community.

  • Employers seek students who have leadership and communication skills. Engaging in a service learning project is an opportunity to gain just that.

  • You’ll gain real-world experience while helping others in need.

To learn more about service learning, how to apply for a service learning faculty grant, and ways to get involved in the community, please visit UH’s hub for service learning on campus, The Advancing Community Engagement and Service (ACES) Institute.


Here are some examples of the Service Learning opportunities through the Bauer College of Business.

Bauer Honors Freshman Mentor Program

Incoming freshman students in Bauer Honors are paired with an upperclassman mentor and a team of 8-10 classmates. Mentor meet individually once each month and plan a monthly social event for their team. Students earn points for their team by participating in Bauer Honors and Honors College events, attending advising sessions, meeting with your mentor, and one community service event. For questions please contact Sarah Gnospelius.

Bauer Honors Sophomore Development Program

The Bauer Honors Sophomore Development Program is a program for sophomores in Bauer Honors that provides an assessment of their career skills through the Birkman Assessment and activities for professional development, including one service project. For questions please contact Sarah Gnospelius.

Bauer Officer Leadership Development (BOLD) Series

The Bauer Leadership Council (BLC) is a leadership program designed for business student organization officers. Student organization presidents are required to complete the BLC either before becoming president, or while they are president. The goal of the BLC is to provide a baseline of leadership development to all student organization leaders in order for them to be in a better position to serve their members and collaborate with each other. Click here for more information.

Business Student Organizations

Bauer College has over 28 undergraduate business student organizations.  They engage in a variety of community service projects, both to give back and as a way to enhance the skills and knowledge, they learn in the classroom.  A number of organizations are based on majors and functional interests and skills, such as the Accounting Society and MISSO, for MIS majors.  Click here for more information.

Entrepreneurship courses and 3 Day Startup

ENTR 4393 and 4394, RED Labs PreAccelerator and Accelerator, are offered in Spring and Summer respectively. ENTR 3311, Technology Entrepreneurship, is taught Fall and Spring. 3 Day Startup, an extracurricular event, is also in Fall. These courses and activities engage students in real-world projects. Click here for more information.

FINA 7A97 – Innovation in Real Estate course

The Innovative Practice Award Program is a collaborative effort between real estate professionals and students enrolled in the FINA 7A97 – Innovation in Real Estate course conducted in the Spring of each academic school year. In the course, students prepare a professional research report and present it to an audience of 300 industry professionals at our symposium. Click here for more information. In addition, the Bauer Real Estate program offers Internships in Real Estate (FINA 7397 & 4397).


LeaderShape is a national non-profit association, dedicated to helping young people “to lead with integrity.” The professional world requires an ethics-based leadership developmental approach. LeaderShape puts ethics at the core of its training. The program utilizes highly interactive programming methods rather than focusing on classroom lectures.  It is offered every other year as a one-week retreat for business majors.  When students return to school with new goals and a network of new student friendships, they are more engaged with student activities and community service. For more information on LeaderShape at Bauer, please contact Allison Keithly.

MIS 4374: Information Systems Project Management and MIS 4397: Business Consulting

MIS 4394 presents the area of Information Systems Project Management. Virtually all IS business processes involve IS Project Management. The focus of the course will be to develop some of the skills of IS Project Management and to provide a practical application of those skills.  MIS 4397 applies the knowledge gained from classes such as MIS 4394. Students work as individuals or as small teams, on two or three “Real World Consulting Projects”. The projects come from non-profits in the Houston area.  When working on these projects students will learn and apply basic consulting techniques.  Contact Professor Carl Scott for more information on these courses.

Program for Financial Literacy (PFL)

The goal of the Program for Financial Literacy is to promote financial literacy across the university and the community. The learning goal for the program is for Bauer College Finance majors in the Personal Financial Planning track to give presentations for UH students, students in middle and high schools, and the community to be more knowledgeable about personal finance, especially as it relates to attending college. The workshops center on assisting people with things such as building a savings program, creating a spending plan, investing, credit, taxes and paying for college. In addition, there is a course that corresponds to this effort – FINA 4353 Practicum in Personal Financial Planning.

SCM 7397 Consulting Lab 

This class for MBA and other MS candidates is a project-based class with clients such as  Engie, Acaria Health, Geokinetics, Shell Lubricants, LSO, Newpark Drilling Fluids, NASA/JSC. For more information on this course, please contact Professor Gordon Smith.

SURE (Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship) 

SURE™ is an acronym that stands for Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship. The SURE™ Program has several parts, but the part most relevant to the class Brainstorming to Bankrolling: Beyond the Classroom, is SURE for Entrepreneurs. The overarching mission of the SURE™ Program is to energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and add to the already robust activity centered around Bauer business by addressing what is called—in a term borrowed from Microfinance—the Base of the Pyramid: those without access to the educational and financial institutions often necessary to start a business. SURE™ provides an educational platform that facilitates a value-added partnership between UH students, industry experts, and entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities.  Visit the SURE webpage for more information and application.

Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program (TBLCP)

The goals of TBLCP are to provide practical knowledge of professionalism; tools for effective decision making and communication; to help students discover their strengths and how to leverage their personal leadership talents to be effective and influential; and to enhance students capacity to lead ethically and effectively all while being in the service of others.  The program is based on well-known programs such as StrengthsQuest by Gallup and the Leadership Challenge, a widely recognized leadership model based on qualitative research with middle and senior managers. This model is outlined in the book Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.  There is a community service component to the program as well.

The Bauer Honors Student Advisory Board

The Bauer Honors Student Advisory Board (BHSAB) is a student-run organization within the Bauer Honors Program that is dedicated to enhancing the academic, professional, philanthropic and social endeavors of Bauer Honors students. In addition to providing feedback to faculty and staff regarding Bauer Honors curriculum and programming, the BHSAB hosts networking events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. Comprised of elected student officers and members, participants meet twice each month to establish new initiatives and plan events, including multiple community engagement activities. For questions please contact Sarah Gnospelius.


VITA is the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Volunteers help to prepare Form 1040EZ, Form 1040A, and basic Form 1040 income tax returns, including Schedules A and B. Volunteers also explain the availability and advantages of tax credits including the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Credit for the Elderly, and Dependent Care Credit.  UH students, primarily business majors, and especially accounting majors, volunteer with non-profit organizations such as Neighborhood Tax Centers ( and VN Teamwork (  For more information on VITA at Bauer, please contact Professor Michael Newman.


Wolffest, originally started as BurgerFest, was first held on campus at The University of Houston in 2002. Now a spring tradition at WCE, BurgerFest has been renamed Wolffest, branding it under the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship banner.  It was an idea, started by its own entrepreneurship students, to provide real-world scenarios for students to learn what it really takes to start a business.