Virtual Work Experience Programs from Forage

The Rockwell Career Center has partnered with a company called Forage to provide students with a variety of free Virtual Work Experience Programs.

You can check out the opportunities at the Bauer Forage webpage.

What is a Virtual Work Experience Program?

Virtual Work Experience Programs are online programs built and endorsed by leading companies. They contain a series of resources and tasks designed to simulate the real-world experience of starting a career. In a nutshell, Virtual Work Experience Programs on Forage are designed first and foremost to help students. By completing a Forage Virtual Internship you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the diverse and exciting career pathways available to you
  • Build the skills and confidence that will set you up for success as you move from the world of study to the world of work

These programs are a risk-free opportunity to try out a career in a leading firm. The main differences between these programs and a traditional internship are:

  • Virtual Internships are open to all students (no applications!)
  • You can’t make any mistakes in a Virtual Internship (no pressure!)
  • Virtual Internships are truly digital, you can complete them in your own time, from anywhere in the world.

The Virtual Work Experience Programs are great opportunities for students who are trying to decide what field they want to pursue or who are looking to gain experience. Virtual Work Experience Programs also allow you to connect with employers in a unique way!

By completing virtual experience programs, you’ll build the practical skills that these top employers are looking for, receive a personalized certificate of completion, and you can share the experience on your resume and LinkedIn profile. When you go on to apply for an internship or full-time role, your virtual experience is a fantastic way to stand out.

How does it work?
Each individual program is created by a participating top global company. Once you register and choose your program of interest, you will be briefed online and will complete and submit all tasks virtually.

How long does it take?
Typically, each program takes 5 – 8 hours to complete. You can go at your own pace – any time, any place!

Find out more and get started! Check out the different opportunities at the Bauer Forage webpage.