Seeking additional experience? Consider helping your community. Offer your time to organizations that rely on volunteers to function. Gain and graduate with the experience that will help you find a job. Volunteering may be a part of your life whether in school or when you graduate. Consider these five simple reasons to make volunteering part of your college experience:



  • You can make a difference, and contribute to things you care about.
  • Volunteering may help you find a career path and explore new interests.
  • Volunteering provides opportunities to work with diverse populations. Meet other students and members of your community.
  • Employers seek students who have leadership skills and experience. Volunteering is an opportunity to gain just that.
  • Short or long-term commitment that allows you to improve your community and gain real-world experience.

Guidelines For a Successful Volunteering Experience:

Understand Your Community Needs

  • Be open and flexible to new experiences and expectations
  • Assist with the community needs that exist independently from you own expectations
  • Opportunities will arise unexpectedly, and not at the time/manner you would anticipate

Your Rights

  • It is important that you have a positive volunteer experience
  • You have the right to say no if you are uncomfortable
  • Be oriented/trained to the organization (background check may be included)
  • Have your service hours documented and be supervised

Your Responsibilities

  • Represent Bauer and UH professionally
  • No need to accept gifts or give gifts to clients
  • Volunteer with enthusiasm and commitment

Avoid Injuries

  • In case of serious injury, contact your manager
  • Be properly trained to use any equipment
  • Wear protective clothes/equipment
  • Be aware of your environment

Always Be Prepared

  • Arrive on time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Take responsibility for any missed shifts

Sexual Harassment

  • Is illegal and will not be tolerated
  • Seek out the program coordinator about any unwelcomed situation
  • Contact the Rockwell Career Center


  • Never take clients in your vehicle (unless it is part of your program and you have clearance with all parties involved)
  • In the event of an accident or incident you may be held liable
  • Seek out the program coordinator if you have questions

Confidentiality and Personal Information

  • Do not disclose any personal information about clients
  • Maintain client and agency information with confidentiality
  • Respect the privacy of clients, be mindful of records laws (FERPA)

Termination of Your Service

  • Give at least two weeks notice
  • Be respectful and professional