Bauer MBA and MS Resume Template

This format is the result of over 15 years of consultations with our Employer Advisory Board, who provide us with updates on industry trends to ensure our office is up to date with hiring standards. The Bauer MBA/MS Resume format is a result of those on-going conversations.

The Bauer Resume format is available in MS Word format so that master’s level students can simply place their information into the document without having to worry about details of formatting. The document should remain one page (front side only).

The most important thing on the resume is the content. That’s where we want you to invest your time and effort to improve your resume. Focus on building bullets that list out what you accomplished and the results of your efforts. For example, let’s say I created a system that saved my company money. Your resume could say:

  • Created system that saved my company money. OR, it could say….
  • Created an access database that tracked over 15,000 SKU numbers, resulting in cost savings of $25,000 in the course of one year.

Please note that Undergraduates should the BBA Resume Format

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