One of the first steps we work on with our students at all levels is their resume. Whether this is the first resume you have ever made or you are an established professional, we can assist you in using your resume to showcase the most relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities (also known as KSAs in Human Resources lingo) for the job that you want next.

The best place to begin is with the Bauer Resume format. Be sure you are using the correct format for your degree level as there is a template for the BBA & MS Accy students and another template for MBA & MS students.

Before the beginning of every semester for over 15 years, we meet with our Employer Advisory Board to get an update on industry trends and check to make sure the advice and professional development assistance we are offering is up to date with their hiring standards. The Bauer Resume format is a result of those ongoing conversations.

Marc Cenedella founder of the Ladders, the largest $100K+ jobs site and Leet Resumes published an article where he stated “the best simple format is a single-column resume, that doesn’t rely on graphics to communicate important data, that’s written in a reasonable size font, and doesn’t use tables, boxes, or other special formatting structures.” Note that the Bauer BBA and Master Degree Resume formats are examples of this format.

The Bauer Resume format is available in MS Word format so that students can simply place their information into the document without having to worry about details of formatting. The document should remain one page (front side only) until a person has over 10 years of relevant experience in the field. If needed, our career counselors can work with you on what to include and what to take out to meet that length requirement.

The most important thing on the resume is the content. That’s where we want you to invest your time and effort to improve your resume.

Once you have built a starter resume document, upload it to Bauer’s VMock website. VMock scans your resume and provides detailed feedback on its presentation elements so that your resume not only reads right but also looks right.

If you are looking for help with other aspects of the resume, check out some of the links below:

Lastly, once the resume has the formatting and the content to help you get your next opportunity, upload the resume to Bauer Career Gateway. Bauer Career Gateway is accessible by current Bauer students in AccessUH. Bauer students and Bauer Alumni can also access Gateway using the buttons at the top of this website.

We strongly recommend that you upload your resume to Bauer Career Gateway in MS Word format (.doc or .docx). The first time you upload a resume it will go through an approval process in which a career counselor will review the resume format and content. This approval process can take up to 2 business days so be sure to upload a resume in time to use it to apply for internships and jobs.

Need additional help, schedule an appointment with your career counselor.

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