Virtual Interviewing Program

Want to interview our students but not able to visit our campus? No problem! Take advantage of our Virtual Interviewing Program.

How does the program work?

This program allows you to conduct a video interview with our students without having to physically visit our campus.

What different options / types are available through our office?

  • Pre-Recorded Video Interviews ( – formerly InterviewStream)
  • Live Virtual Interviews ( – formerly InterviewStream)

I’m ready to proceed, what do I do?

Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you have a web-cam enabled computer or tablet and a microphone.
  2. Request an interview schedule through our on-campus interview module within our Bauer Career Gateway system and completely fill out the form. (If you already have a list of students you want to interview, please select the ‘Room Reservation Only’ option. If you want students to indicate their interest and then you choose who you want to interview, please select the ‘Preselect’ option).
  3. Ensure that you notify us within the ‘notes’ section of these things:
    • This will be a Virtual Interview schedule
    • Indicate if you are choosing the ‘Pre-Recorded Video Interviews’ or the ‘Live Virtual Interviews’
  4. At appropriate time, make selections of who you want to interview through our system or submit the list to us electronically
  5. Look out for the emails confirming the video interviews we will schedule on your behalf through our account.
  6. For questions not covered here, please consult with your Recruiting Manager.