On Campus Recruiting

On-campus recruiting allows organizations to interview a range of students with diverse educational backgrounds and work experiences by sending a representative to Bauer. You can request an interview schedule by reserving an interview room though our office weeks before the date you wish to be on campus.

The on-campus recruiting program managed by the Rockwell Career Center at Bauer College through the Bauer Career Gateway system assists employers who are predominately recruiting business majors. You can request an interview date at any time online through our Bauer Career Gateway system. You may call our front desk at 832-842-6120 or contact your industry’s Recruiting Manager directly for assistance. On-campus recruiting is a free service and we also have the capability to hold virtual on-campus recruiting. Employers are encouraged to consult with their Recruiting Manager concerning effective strategies for ensuring quality interview schedules.

Requesting An Interview Schedule

  • When requesting a schedule, at least eight weeks lead time is necessary in order to notify students of your recruitment visit and to check availability of rooms. It is recommended that you schedule your interview dates one semester in advance for selection of the best dates.

Interview Schedule Requirements

  • An interview schedule position description is needed at the time you submit your interview schedule request.

Available On-Campus Interview Schedule Formats

  • Organizations interview a range of students with diverse educational backgrounds and work experiences by sending a representative to Bauer. You can request an interview schedule by reserving an interview room though our office months before the date you wish to be on campus.
    Interview formats 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
    Number of interviews 12/13 8/9 7
    Morning Break 1 1 1
    Lunch 11:45 – 1pm 11:45 – 1pm 11:45 – 1pm
    Afternoon Break 2 1 1
    End 4:15/4:45pm 4:15/5pm 3:45pm

    A final decision on the format of your schedules must be made when you submit your Interview Schedule Request. Last minute changes jeopardize your chances of reaching appropriate candidates. To ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the students and prospective employers, we ask that you contact our office immediately for changes in your interview schedule.

Scheduling Options

  • Preselect Schedules
    For this type of schedule, employers indicate specific screening criteria for the types of applicants they would like to interview. Only applicants meeting these criteria are able to submit a résumé for this opportunity. The employer then reviews the résumés that have been submitted for their schedule and chooses who they would like to interview. The chosen applicants are then able to sign-up for a time-slot.
  • Preselect to Continuous Schedules
    The employer will be able to continue selecting students to interview even after the preselect due date.
  • Open Schedules
    For this type of schedule, employers indicate the preferred set of qualifications they are seeking. Qualified students are then able to sign-up for available times on a first-come, first-served basis. This type of schedule is not typically recommended.
  • Room Only Schedules
    For this type of schedule, the employer collects résumés via a Bauer Career Gateway job posting, résumé search/résumé referral or Career Fair or other event and then contacts the students in which they have an interest. The procedure to secure an interview room should then be followed. The employer then contacts students to establish the interview schedule and provides a copy to the Career Center staff once the schedule has been finalized. If you have non-business majors on your schedule, please see ‘Interview Eligibility‘.Job Postings
    If, at the time of posting, you do not plan to interview students on campus, then we recommend the Job Posting option. This option allows you to post your opportunity and for the students to express an interest. Résumés of interested students are available online for your review. Interviews with these students are typically conducted at your company site.

    If, after you review the résumés from students who have applied for this position, you want to interview these students on campus, you will want to use the Room Only approach.

Checking The Status of Interview Schedule

  • Employers may check the status of their interview schedules at any time by utilizing their online Bauer Career Gateway account or by contacting their Recruiting Manager. Unless otherwise requested, interviews are 30 minutes in length with 12/13 interviews per schedule per day. Multiple schedules and multiple interview days are welcome.

Final Interview Schedule

  • Your interview schedule is typically available via your Bauer Career Gateway account six days prior to your actual interview date. Because of the complexity of creating schedules we adhere stringently to these deadlines.Please review your schedule carefully and contact your Recruiting Manager with any questions or concerns. It is important you do not make any changes to interview times or candidates without first notifying your Recruiting Manager as this can create scheduling conflicts.

Interview Facilities

  • On-campus interviews are conducted at Bauer in specifically designed interview rooms on the second floor of Cemo Hall in the Rockwell Career Center. During peak times, other locations may be utilized.

Interview Day Facilities

  • You will be greeted on the second floor by Rockwell Career Center staff who will ask you for a business card. The staff member will provide your final interview schedule, copies of student résumés, and additional information about recruiting at Bauer. You will be shown to your interview room which is equipped with wireless internet connectivity.Our Recruiter’s lounge will provide a place for company representatives to relax and will also allow space for those companies that choose to cater lunch for their recruiters. Wireless internet connectivity is also provided in the Recruiter lounge.When your interview schedule is complete, please inform us of any immediate questions or concerns you have. If you need transportation to the airport, please let the staff member on duty know and he or she will call a taxi service for you.Please see our location for a map and directions to our building. Also see Maps and Directions for parking information.

Second Round Interviews

  • We are more than happy to accommodate your second-round interviews at Bauer and will do so on any day that we have available space. You are responsible for contacting students to invite them to second-round interviews.If you plan to conduct on-site callback interviews and you know the dates, please provide that information to your Recruiting Manager so that we may share these dates with our students.