Building a Presence on Campus

Building a Presence on Campus

Attending a Career Fair or hosting an information session can all be great ways to make a connection with students. However, below are other ways you might try reaching out to our student population:

  • Present to one of our student organizations at one of their general meetings or special events.
  • Participate in an event such as Résumé E.R. and/or the MBA Dessert Gallery.
  • Man an information table with literature on your company in our building while classes are in session.
  • Conduct a company day in the lobby of our building where you may provide literature, goodies/give-aways and representatives from your company to interact with our students.
  • Partner with the Rockwell Career Center, sponsor scholarships or provide other financial support to our College to help brand your company name with our College.
  • Fully utilize Bauer alumni and interns from your company. Bauer alumni are often your company’s strongest advocates, and interns can add to your campus presence and act as your company’s best emissaries.

Corporate Projects: Connecting Bauer to Business

The corporate projects are group research projects that culminate in a final deliverable, usually a PowerPoint presentation and executive summary. Corporate sponsors choose a project topic relevant to their company and on which they would like to have some research done and hear a new perspective from the next generation of business professionals.

All project descriptions are uploaded to the class Blackboard site at the start of the semester. Students select a project that matches their interest. Groups are usually made up of eight students.

Work begins approximately one month after the start of classes, with the corporate sponsor holding a kick-off meeting with the students, either at the sponsor’s office or on campus, to explain the project. One student is the designated communicator and sends the sponsor weekly updates, asking questions as necessary.

Projects conclude seven weeks later on a due date set by the course instructor. All groups are required to send their sponsor a copy of the final deliverable on that date, and most groups give a PowerPoint presentation to the company on site. The corporate sponsor provides a project grade by filling out a simple grading rubric.

If you would like more information about corporate projects, contact Corporate Projects Manager Valerie Paul at Please feel free to also download the corporate projects brochure here.

If you would like assistance in building a presence on campus, please contact your Recruiting Manager directly at 832-842-6120.


To make sure any event/interview schedule you have achieves the desired results, the Rockwell Career Center utilizes the Bauer Career Gateway system as well as strategic areas within our physical building (as well as student organizations), to get the word out. In addition, you may want to utilize the UH student newspaper, The Daily Cougar for even more visibility.