Congrats Daniella on your internship with HP!


Daniella, congratulations on your internship with HP!

When asked about what she did to get her job offer, she walked us through the process:

“I was already very interested in working at HP because of my experience coordinating corporate events with Bauer Women Society. I applied then went to the Bauer Career Fair to talk to an HP employee about their experience. We stayed connected on LinkedIn and helped me through the interview process. I had a phone interview on the week of my birthday and because I already had an offer with another company, they gave me the offer on the spot. It was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss with a company I’ve been interested in and accepted the offer! I’m very excited to be working in the Commercial Displays department of HP. There, I will be focusing on product marketing through analyzing market research and providing strategies to ensure products meet customer needs.”

If you’re interested in a job like Daniella’s, her best piece of advice is this:

“Start networking with the company of your interest as early as possible. Even though I was a sophomore at the time I attended HP’s corporate event, I still kept in touch with student interns and recruiters until I was qualified. Apply to the internship even if you feel like you might not be qualified. Go to an info night or career fair to maintain your presence with the company to show you are motivated and determined.”

Congratulations again Daniella, best of luck at HP!

If you want to connect with Daniella, reach out and connect with her on LinkedIn!

By Michael Fulfs
Michael Fulfs