MBA Company Trek

What Is It?

An MBA Trek is a 2-3 hour visit in which  Bauer MBA and MS graduate students are able to get an inside look at a company’s headquarters. This includes various companies across a wide variety of industries.

A typical visit may include the following:

  • Catered Breakfast/Lunch (Depending on the time of the visit)
  • Welcome (Senior Executive or Human Resources)
  • Recruiting Overview
  • Office Tour
  • Functional Panel or Separate Functional Expert Presentations
  • 30-minute Networking Session

This program began in the Spring of 2016.  It provides Bauer Business Graduate students with an inside look at the operations and culture of a company. The company visit is designed to be an experiential learning opportunity.  However, it is also a great branding and recruiting opportunity for your company.  We would love for our next Company Visit to be at your Corporate Headquarters or Local Office!


  • Expand student learning from the classroom into industry
  • Show off your company culture and why it’s so great to work there
  • Engage alumni from your company
  • Network with and recruit great talent from a ranked MBA/MS program!
  • Connect and Share Innovative Ideas

Companies we have partnered with:



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