The Graduate Career Services Team at the C.T. Bauer College of Business is committed to working with students on their career development through a personalized, one on one approach. We recognize students are coming into the program at different stages of their career and are ready to provide support no matter where they are at in the process.


WayUp’s Virtual Lunch & Learn Summer Series: June 30 – August 6


WayUp’s Virtual Lunch & Learn Summer Series
WayUp has always been committed to supporting our future leaders, and this year, we’re thrilled to announce our first-ever Virtual Lunch & Learn Summer Series! 🎉

By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling Troy Hopkins
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How to Face Your Fear of Failure—and Come out on Top

Despite knowing that calculated risk can produce the greatest rewards, many people are terrified of failure. The possibility of not being successful in our every endeavor clouds our judgment—and often holds us back from achieving our most desired goals.

But …

By Nisha Kumar Kulkarni - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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Resources For When You’re “In Between” Jobs (Or Can’t Find Your First One)

The COVID-19 crisis has caused confusion and worry for many, especially those in the class of 2020. In a recent survey we sent out to graduating seniors, only 10% of students were confident in their ability to find a job—an …

By WayUp Team - WayUp Guide
WayUp Guide
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We’re still working from home months later. These are the habits to keep in place.

To ensure that our health and sanity outlast the coronavirus pandemic, you can look to remain flexible but also settle into more defined boundaries.

During the last recession, I was in the middle of a …

By Hire Bauer
Hire Bauer Front Desk - RCC Hire Bauer
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The 30-60-90 Day Plan: Your Secret Weapon for New Job Success

2 people working in an office
Hero Images/Getty Images

Whether you’re preparing for an interview or prepping for a new job, making a 30-60-90 day plan can help you set yourself up for success.

A 30-60-90 day plan is what …

By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling Troy Hopkins
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