What does “dress for your day” mean?

When the pandemic shutdown happened in March 2020 and so many offices transitioned into 100% work from home, dress codes were not really on the radar. As long as it was “Zoom appropriate” on camera, no one seemed to care. …

By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling
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The Returnship: Tips for Reentering the Job Market After Time Away

Whether it’s because of COVID, a major life event, or personal choice, there are a lot of reasons why people are reentering the job market right now. Given the fact that employers tend to stray away from people reentering the …

By Maximilian Vanegas - WayUp
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So you didn’t land a summer internship or summer job, here’s what you should do instead

With any job or internship application, there’s the chance that you may not get an offer for the position. The reasons can vary, and sometimes it can come down to not being the right person for the job. Those looking …

By Sean Kelly - College Recruiter
College Recruiter
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How to Handle Job Rejection Letdown

By leszekglasner

It takes a lot of time, patience, and courage to submit a job application, especially for a job you’re really excited about. But what happens when you receive a call or email from the job you thought you …

By Mateo Sánchez Morales - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
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Download the Bauer Career Fair Guide

Get prepared for the Bauer Career Fair by installing the Career Fair Plus App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
You can also download a PDF of the Bauer Career Fair Guide
Find out which companies are …

By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling
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