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Are you an intellectually curious college student who would like to:

* lead conversations with professionals,
* explore cutting-edge intersections of fields where careers of the future are converging,
* and share experiences through writing?

Apply to become a Longitude Fellow or a Longitude Contributor.


We connect students with professionals from companies such as Deloitte, Blue Origin, and Hewlett Packard; from organizations such as NASA and Baylor College of Medicine; and individuals from a multitude of fields to be interviewed about career experiences, how they collaborate with their peers, and their thoughts on changes in the workplace that are leading to emergence of new intersections. is a nonprofit educational program based in Houston that empowers college students to develop explorer mindsets so they can navigate their interests toward meaningful careers.  (

We are accepting applications for our project-based fellowship that engages students in guided informational interviews, reflection practices, and research exercises with industry professionals at cutting-edge intersections of sectors.

We welcome and encourage intellectually curious and service-oriented college students from all majors and universities. Our program showcases student work on our website, LinkedIn, and Facebook for wide distribution.

Students may submit an application via:
The application deadline is September 15, 2019

By Troy Hopkins
Troy Hopkins Director, Undergraduate Career Counseling Troy Hopkins