Consulting Applications at the Time of COVID – Guest Blog from CaseCoach

We are all aware of the tragic toll that the coronavirus is claiming on those with poor health, poor access to healthcare, an unsteady income, as well as on healthcare workers.

At CaseCoach, we focus on helping students and experienced professionals get top management consulting jobs, so our thoughts also go to debt-laden students with shattered professional aspirations and international students stranded from their families.

I joined McKinsey amid the Great Recession and started a headhunting firm in London during the European Debt Crisis. I have seen first-hand what happens to management consulting recruitment in times of economic distress.

In this post, I will shed some light on what to expect and give practical advice on what to do next.

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This article was written by Enguerran Loos. Enguerran is the Founder of CaseCoach and a former Engagement Manager with McKinsey’s Boston office.

By Enguerran Loos
Enguerran Loos Founder