Resources for Veterans

Unique services and resources for former servicemen and women

With more than 1,600 military veterans, spouses and dependents attending classes and receiving veterans benefits here at the University of Houston, the Bauer College of Business and the Rockwell Career Center understand that we have a duty to provide services and support to our veterans and their families. We realize that our former servicemen and women, as well as their families, often have unique needs, and bearing that in mind, it only makes sense that there are unique services and resources available to address those needs. The following sections will offer practical guides and resources that will assist you in adjusting to life here at the University of Houston, and ultimately in maximizing your resources at the university to secure a promising and rewarding career upon graduation.


Transitioning from the military into the civilian, university environment can be a challenge.  Not only is college life vastly different from what many servicemen and women are accustomed to, the environment comes with many unforeseeable challenges and obstacles, some of which are exclusive to those who have military service backgrounds.  The resources below will offer you a few insights in preparing for that transition and what to expect as you embark on that process.

Developing a Résumé

With the application process for most jobs taking place almost exclusively online, developing an appealing, relevant and substantive résumé is more important now than it may have ever been. In addition, there are fundamental differences between a military résumé and the résumés that are more typical to the candidate pool for civilian jobs.  The following links offer a sample résumé template that serves as a visual walk-through of how to develop a polished and professional résumé. There is also a link that discusses how to describe the technical, job-specific skills you’ve developed during your service in a manner that appeals to civilian employers and how to further identify transferable skills that you bring to the table.

Job Search

Once you’ve developed a résumé that you feel accurately captures your skills and work experience and you’ve clearly articulated your military experiences in civilian terms, it’s time to start networking and begin the job search. The following links will direct you to various on and off-campus job search websites and databases that will give you a starting point for your job search. However, always visit with your career counselor as you begin your search to make sure things are heading in the right direction.

Other Resources/Helpful Links

The following resources are just a collection of resources, agencies, groups, and general tools that you may find useful during your time here at the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Feel free to browse at your leisure to find out more information about all of the assistance and support that you have at your disposal.

Interested in Management Consulting?

If you are active duty or U.S. Military veteran who are pursuing management consulting as a career, Victor Cheng is providing you with free copies of the book, programs, and toolkits normally sold to the general public.

These resources include:

  • The Book Case Interview Secrets ($34.95)
  • Look Over My Shoulder (LOMS) ($297)
  • How to Get a Management Consulting Interview (my Networking Guide) ($27)
  • The Consulting Resume Toolkit ($97)
  • Ultimate Cover Letter Toolkit ($97)

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Note: Some sites above may offer advice as well as paid services. The Rockwell Career Center does not endorse any paid service, even if it is listed on this or other web pages on this domain.